About Breakroom

Breakroom is the way to turn your virtual reality headset into a multi-monitor system. You open a relaxing virtual environment and open your regular Windows applications as a floating 2D monitors within the virtual world. You are no longer limited by the physical computer monitor and can surround yourself with applications.  

Founded in June 2014 by three virtual reality enthusiasts. Believing virtual reality is finally reaching its potential to be used in practical use cases, we decided to dive in.  
Companies have replaced old cubicles with open offices. But the benefits of an open collaborative work-space are paid with less concentration and privacy as well as increased level of stress. 

With the principles of environmental psychology and the help of virtual reality goggles, such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, we are creating a stress reducing, fully functional workplace environment tailored to your specific needs and aesthetics.